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If you are job hunting,we understand the effort that is involved in attending endless interviews with no success, its costly  time consuming and unnecessary.

With Job search you attend the initial interview "On Line". We ensure the employer has your PDF resume and access to a web page promoting your abilities. We contact referee's  and verify your references

We charge $25 for initial administration work, which include constructing your web page, a 30 minute  on line briefing on how to use the system and  how to present yourself at the interview. This is a one off fee and is refund able.

Once you are registered no other charges are made. When you are successful we return your $25 administration fee.

Some interviews are scheduled as one to one, others are in group interviews of up to twelve people.

Job Offer. Casual Work

We are looking for 30 administration  staff. You will need good interviewing skills - Working from home, you must have a computer with web cam situated in a quiet situation. We pay you $20 per new registered user briefing, this entails a 30 minute briefing and ongoing assistance to the user. Other duties include reference verification, updating clients web pages. We envisage an hours work would be required per user. We are Singapore based, all payments are made to you in USA dollars via Pay Pal. Applicants with special skills are welcomed, foreign language speakers will be given preference.

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