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Digiquick Job Search
If you are looking for Staff,  welcome to Digiquick Jobsearch  that  allows you to make an initial interview from the comfort of your office desk.

We provide you with PDF resumes and links to applicants Web page.
All our applicants references are checked before we allow them
access to the system. You can interview one to one, or in groups of up to 12 people at once. Select those you feel are most suitable and we look after the rest. At a pre-determined time you hold the interview.

This is cost effective time efficient, you get a wide selection of applicants and you pay nothing if the interviews do not provide you with results.

If you find one of our applicants suitable and employ them, our basic  fee is $120 USA, no success NO  CHARGE - Surcharges apply for higher profile interviews. We will quote you  our head hunting rates.
Top rate is $280.

How it works.

You provide us with full job description.
We post your description to suitable applicants.
We send you PDF resumes for your inspection.
You advise us of the applicants you want to interview.
You schedule the interview at a time to suit yourself.
We advise applicants of the interview time.

At the time of interview you access the ooVoo panel and conduct the interview.

After all interviews you inform us the results, we convey the result to all applicants.

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