All employers are obligated to maintain a harassment-free workplace for its employees at all times.
Managers and supervisors must be aware of their responsibilities and accountability for failure to prevent and correct sexual harassment in the workplace. Part of their responsibilities includes learning to recognize sexual harassment and the appropriate corrective actions to take in the event of an occurrence. As always, implementing preventative measures is the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment.

In addition to the legal implications, sexual harassment destroys the work environment and can affect anyone in any job, not just women. In fact, statistics show that 16% of claims are filed by males. The anxiety and frustration experienced by victims can impact their quality of life not to mention the quality of their work. As an employer, part of your legal and moral obligation is to maintain a workplace free of sexual harassment. By allowing harassment to flourish in your workplace, you will pay a high price in terms of poor employee morale, low productivity, and litigation.

This workshop will train supervisors and managers in the following areas:

State and federal laws, rules, and regulations on sexual harassment;
Identifying the types and forms of sexual harassment;
Employers' duties in preventing sexual harassment in the workplace;
Preventative measures to adopt to ensure a safe working environment;
Conducting timely and appropriate investigations;
Taking immediate corrective action in the event of an occurrence; and
Remedies for victims of sexual harassment.

Too many employers are sued for discrimination simply because managers havenít been trained in the subtle and surprising ways discrimination can arise in the hiring, performance evaluation, discipline and termination processes. Through this one-hour course's challenging interactive exercises, supervisors will be educated in how to spot and avoid actions that could be considered discriminatory

Sexual Harassment Training
This sexual harassment training course is the next generation of online compliance training ó utilizing a proven educational design and multi-media content to drive increased comprehension, retention and behavioral change of your employees.

Challenge your employees with a wide variety of highly engaging scenario-based exercises that explore the consequences of their actions

Why Certify your Code of Conduct and Other Policies?

Your Code of Conduct and organizational policies set the tone for your corporate culture and expected business behavior. But compliance does not just happen. It requires a commitment by every employee, at every level of your organization. Thatís why itís important to have all employees certify this pledge ó to signal each individualís commitment to make decisions that are consistent with your organizational values, code of conduct and relevant laws and regulations. This certification process protects your organization and lessens the likelihood of business misconduct and other concerns such as lack of cultural diversity in the workplace

Course length one 2hr session Cost $80 per person, max. number on the course 11 people

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