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Returns: Within 7 days

We will refund you for items returned within 7 days of you receiving them, if you can prove that our description of the tablet is not correct or misleading. A full refund will be given if items are returned in their original condition, in original box. You must return to us by courier delivery or in person to retail shop.

Merchandise which is damaged or missing components is not refund able, and must be returned in its original box.

Buyers are responsible for return shipping by traceable courier, with proper packaging. On the factory receiving items, we will refund you immediately.

Warranty & Maintenance:

We provide 1 month replacement and 12 months maintenance warranties. Items can be replaced during the first month or maintained for the first year.

***** Buyers are only responsible for the return shipping fees to the factory using  couriers such as DHL or UPS  for warranty items.

Before returning items, please make sure you get our (the sellers) return address, and write “gift” on the delivery detail sheet. Please use track able  postal service and send us the tracking number. As soon as we receive the items, we will repair or exchange them ASAP.

Batteries are not covered, unless they are faulty on first receiving the tablet. Be aware that over charging for long periods will damage the battery, If you allow the battery to be fully discharged ie empty it will drastically reduce the battery life.

Screens should be protected to prevent scratching, Tablets with scratched screens will not be replaced.

We can not provide support for Android Systems, Please get your answers from one of the many on line forums

Any tablets that you have pressed Factory Reset will not be covered under Guarantee, we can send back to factory for them to restore but at your expense

Tablets with scratched or damaged screens will not be covered under the guarantee.

If you have pressed reset button, you will clear all programs and will not get access to the tablet, we charge $50 to install new firmware, but all apps will have been deleted.