Train the trainer

It is important to realize that any trainer needs two separate sets of skills and knowledge.
First, they need to know the topic they are teaching (subject matter expertise). And second, they need to know how to transfer that information to the student (instructional expertise).

When instructors are hired to train adult students, they need both of these sets of skills.
The problem is, corporations need people that know the topic material very well; and in order to know a topic well enough to teach it at a high level, you often have to have expert experience or a graduate degree in it, yourself.
So most corporations and colleges hire instructors that have graduate degrees or subject matter expertise in the areas they will be training. But this is a sacrifice, because most of the instructors have little or no training in instructional expertise, or trainer training.


Some individuals become trainers because they are passionate about snaring their knowledge and about
helping people. Others become trainers because their employer asks them to get involved in mentoring,
training, or coaching new or existing employees.

Trainers also get started when they want to make some
changes to their dairy activities, but wish to continue contributing to a particular organization or industry.
If you are thinking about becoming a trainer, or have started doing some training already and what to know
more about what will help you to become an excellent trainer, this one-day workshop will help. Designed as an
exploration of the essential skills that trainers need to develop, it will get you started on the learning process
in an interactive and fun environment.


1 Understand the essential background for trainers must have
2 Explore how being genuine enhances training
3 Identify the elements of good questions
4 Understand how to apply listening skills
5 Develop rapport building strategies
6  Describe the essentials of presentation skills


1 What makes a good trainer
2 Projecting the right image
3 Acting assertively vs. aggressively
4 Asking the right questions to get the right answers
5 Listening
6 Connecting with people
7 Presentation skills
8 Essentials for success
9 Do's and don'ts for new trainers
Course length 2 -  2 hr. sessions Cost $120 per person, max. number on course 11 people

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